Our Process

Our process is an age old hand block printing and hand dyeing technique from the indigenous regions of Rajasthan.

About Dabu
Dabu is a mud resist process using wooden blocks. The process of Dabu printing starts with the preparaion of mud resist. Calcium hydroxide (chuna) and gum (gond) are the main ingredietntsThe clay is prepared by passing it through a fine sieve. Acacia or babul seeds are used to make the gum, which works like a binder. A mixture of gond and ground along with mud is used to make a sticky paste. The mud resist is freshly prepared before each printing process.The mud resist is applied on the fabric by using wooden blocks developed by designers at Aavaran uniquely.

Natural Dyeing and printing
The dyeing of cloth is an intensive process where a variety of natural dyes like Natural Indigo, Manjistha (Indian Madder), Haldi Syahi, Beggar and Kashish are used. However, the results of natural colors depend on good weather conditions, therefore during monsoon, pigment colors are used for printing.