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The Process

About Dabu printing

Dabu is a mud resist process using wooden blocks. The process of Dabu printing starts with the preparaion of mud resist. Calcium hydroxide (chuna) and gum (gond) are the main ingredietnts. The clay is prepared by passing it through a fine sieve. Acacia or babul seeds are used to make the gum, which works like a binder. A mixture of gond and ground along with mud is used to make a sticky paste. The mud resist is freshly prepared before each printing process.The mud resist is applied on the fabric by using wooden blocks developed by designers at Aavaran uniquely.


Natural Dyeing and printing

The dyeing of cloth is an intensive process where a variety of natural dyes like Natural Indigo, Manjistha (Indian Madder), Haldi Syahi, Beggar and Kashish are used. However, the results of natural colors depend on good weather conditions, therefore during monsoon, pigment colors are used for printing.


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The Land of Maltas

Give your home an earthy and sustainable makeover.

This year will be remembered for the unprecedented changes in all our lives,but it also reminded us of the importance of family and the sacred space we call HOME.As we readjust and realign, it is time to  prioritize our favorite space once again. Aavaran introduces its hand block printed  range of table linen and bed linen that will take you close to nature and create a soothing ,sustainable decor that will be an integral part of your happy space.


'Ayur' is a Sanskrit word for health, Veda means wisdom and Vastra is cloth or clothing.

Aavaran has researched and produced Ayurvastra - based on the 5000-year-old philosophy of Ayurvedic medicines, health, and healing found in ancient Vedic texts. Ayurvastra clothing is made from organic cotton fabric treated with a precise combination of herbs and oil to promote health and help cure ailments.

Based on the principle of restoring balance and stability within the body and strengthening the immune system. The clothing is worn to treat a broad range of physical conditions.

Manjisthavastram, Haldivastram, and Neelvastram are the specific collections in this category. Healing properties aside, Ayurvastra cloth is attractive simply for its organic and sustainable features. It is completely free of synthetic chemicals and toxic irritants.

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Aavaran Luxury

Aavaran Luxury’s festive collection is an ode to the rich heritage and artisans of India. 

With its philosophy rooted in reviving age-old techniques of printmaking, dyeing with natural colours, and sustaining livelihoods of the artisan communities, Aavaran Luxury, just like its flagship brand, is created with a lot of commitment. With silhouettes fashioned from the finest natural fabrics, it is a homage to sustainable fashion created for the consumer who believes in understated opulence.

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